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Wspomnienia Uczestników

Oliwia K.

W środę było super w Globe. Była śmieszna pani i ciekawy teatr, a na końcu mogłam kupić prezent babci.


Dagmara R.

Moje ulubione miejsce, które dzisiaj zwiedzaliśmy to Tower of London. Zwiedzaliśmy tam pokoje ze zbrojami rycerzy, pokój króla. Były tam rónież mini-gry takie jak : zbuduj zamek, ubierz króla, zaprojektuj pistolet.


Mariola K.

I like Woolen Weavers the most because I think that sheep are sweet and I really like them.


Juliusz B.

We were at Westminster Abbey today. It had a lot of tombs of important people. There were some decorations on the upper inside of the building. Whenthe country didn't have so much money to finish the building, they stopped making decorations.


Asia W.

In my opinion the best was Planetarium. We sat in comfortable armchairs. The challenge was not to fall asleep. Only a few people managed not to fall asleep. The show about astronomy was really interesting but sleep was really good too.


Wojciech J.

Yesterday we visited Eton by Windsor. We could see a very old royal college, but we couldn't enter it to see what it looks like inside. Next we were walking through Windsor Castle. There were many rooms full of golden colour showing the might of the royal family. The most interesting thing was very big doll house full of tiny furniture. I enjoyed this part of the tour.


Julia G.

Yesterday was really nice. I had a lot of fun in the maze. Coming back was harder than coming in. The play in Hampton was awesome because actors had contact with public.

Sunday was the best day! All day was dedicated to Harry Potter. My biggest dream came true. I was in Warner Bros Studio! Everything was so amazing and magical. I was impressed by Malfoy Manor, Big Hall and Enchanted Forest. In Harry Potter shop I spent almost all my money but everything was so awesome.


Julia M.

I liked yesterday's trip around Hampton Court the most. It's very big and the royal garden was really beautiful. I also liked a guided tour round the rooms in the palace. The most interesting was dining room with food made of napkins (it must be really difficult to do something like this).


Michał W.

On the second day We were at Porstmouth. I'm in love with the views that I saw at the Jurassic Coast. Visiting Jurassic Coast in my oppinion was was the best part of this day.

In my opinion Brighton should be a synonym of magic. That place is really awesome. The best of all was Sea Life Centre. I had enjoyed the time I spent there. Rays, sharks, turtles and many fishes that were swimming above my head amazed me.



Cecylia T.

Today we were in London. There weather was beautiful. The Sun was shining, there was no rain. We started at Chelsea Stadium. I'm not interested in football, but I liked it. We had a very nice guide. The best part of our journey was a walk around the city centre. We saw Buckingham Palace. We were on busy Trafalgar Square, where people were performing and singing. I really loved our short visit to National Gallerybecause I saw the paintingswhish showed artists like Ed Sheeran, Cate Blanchett, Amy Whinehouse. In the evening we had a nice talk with our family. So... this was a really good day.



Dorian S.

On the first day I really, really enjoyed visiting The Royal Pavillion in Brighton. It's just gorgeous! I love this european interpretation of Chinese and Indian style. The mixture of bamboo, gold and red looks so impressive and beautiful. The Royal Pavillion is so far the most beautiful and gracefully looking residence I've ever seen.

On the second day the best attraction was a visit to the Jurassic Coast in Southern England. Although it was very cold and windy I enjoyed it. I like listening about any branch of science so paleonthology and geology is fine. The guide said some really interesting things, so I hope I'll take a part in something similar in the future.



Mikołaj K.

Today was the last day of our sightseeing. We have been to Canterbury Cathedral which was interesting. The history of the Black Prince really got me. “The Pioneer” I can call him. Born in the royal family, at the age of 16 he fought in a battle. He was only 16! I don't consider myself fighting in a war tomorrow. His nickname 'the Black Prince' origins in him wearing black clothes when the royals we wearing red, blue, white and gold. He was a complete opposite of them, well, only in his clothes. Edward was also brave and smart (I guess). I mean.., he was a leader of an army, right? He had to be intelligent. If he outlived his father, England would've grown into an empire with lands bigger than Russia these days. It's a pity he didn't. At least he was remembered and I can write about him as the most interesting thing we have learned today.


Julianna S.

Yesterday Painted Hall took my heart. It's amazing. I saw lots of paintings on the walls made by James (Thornhill) hundreds of years ago. Amazing!

The second day of visiting London also gave me lots of different experience. British Museum was so enormous it made a big impression on me. I saw mummies, antique objects like dishes, monuments or even moneys from BC. I can't wait for the next day.